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Our names are Martina, Sacha, and Luísa and we are students from three Unite! universities: UPC, Grenoble INP, and Aalto. We are all avid readers passionate about literature and how it can be used to learn more about other experiences and cultures. Martina has even published her first book! So why not take the connection opportunity that Unite! has provided us and soak in foreign literary worlds first-hand? 

Through this book club we intend to encourage students to expand their understanding and knowledge of different cultures and perspectives, while also helping them develop their ability to analyse and interpret complex texts. We find literature to be a great connection point for students all around Europe, and also an amazing opportunity to find more about each other, sharing other languages and improving our critical thinking skills. 

In our next meeting, we will be sharing our opinions on The Invincible  by Stanisław Lem. We hope to see you all soon. 

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Our mission is to establish a  Unite!  community which brings together individuals that share a passion for literature.  While the essence of a book club is to foster this connection, a  Unite!  Book Club aims to go beyond by providing a platform for participants to explore foreign literature, and through it, other cultures.

Envisioned as a series of nine meetings, held monthly,  our approach involves active participation from various universities. Each participating university will take its turn to recommend a book, which will then become the point of our discussions. These meetings will mix virtual interactions with real-time engagement, offering flexibility for participants who choose to join us.

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About us

Martina Massana

I am currently 18 years old and studying my second year of a degree in Data Science in Engineering in UPC.

Despite my young age, I have recently published my first book, Yo También soy Diferente, which translates to I Am Different too; and this experience has brought me to be really passionate about this initiative, and connect with our goal from a deeper level of understanding.

I came across Unite! this year, through some student callings and also research. Since then I have been interested in seeing what it has to offer as well as trying to get involved in its initiatives.

Luísa Cardoso

I am a 20 year old student at Aalto University, where I am currently studying chemical engineering. My goal is to research human neuroscience.

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Right now, my favourite genre is non-fiction, mainly in the biomedical and socioeconomic fields.

I got involved with Unite! with the IDEM bootcamp in Barcelona where I met Sacha, and I have been a student representative since January.

Sacha Zimny

I am twenty-one years old and currently studying computer science at Grenoble INP, in the French Alps.

I have always loved reading, writing and discussing books as well as learning new languages and discovering other cultures. I mostly read fantasy, as well as a little bit of science-fiction.

I first found out about Unite! last year, through a bootcamp on international mobilities – where I met Luísa – and joined as a student representative in July.